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Custom Millwork in Toronto


What is custom millwork? Traditionally, the term millwork has been used to describe the work that is done with building materials that originate from a mill. This typically includes interior and exterior finish materials, such as wall coverings, trim, crown moulding and other ready-made building materials. These building materials are often fabricated in a manner that allows them to be installed with minimal alteration.


There are two common types of millwork. Stock millwork is the term for millwork that is mass produced. As a result, the number of designs and unique characteristics are very limited. Custom millwork is millwork that is produced in much smaller quantities for specific projects. This type of millwork provides much broader design potential and the ability to create a truly unique appearance where it is used.

Today, custom millwork can encompass a much broader spectrum of work for both residential and commercial applications. It can include the use of many other types of building materials, including laminate, stainless steel, marble, quartz and granite.

Examples of popular applications for custom millwork include the following types of building materials and projects:

  • Cabinetry
  • Wainscoting
  • Door and window trim/mouldings
  • Crown and baseboard mouldings
  • Wall covers and panelling
  • Custom display cases and built-in bookcases
  • Closet and bedroom storage solutions
  • Breakfast nooks
  • Bars
  • Vanities

Residential and Commercial Custom Millwork Services

The top custom millwork companies will provide a variety of professional services for residential, commercial and private or public sector applications. Examples of residential services include updating and renovating houses and condos. Examples of commercial services include constructing and renovating storefronts, renovating apartment building lobbies and installing cubicles or partitions in office environments.
Whatever specific millwork and general contractor services are necessary to complete your unique project, there are reputable and highly experienced custom millwork companies servicing Toronto that can help make the project a success. In addition to providing professional design, millwork and general contracting services, the best custom millwork companies will be able to successfully collaborate with large teams of other multi-disciplinary professionals, such as interior designers, architects and project managers.
Craftsmanship is extremely important when considering a company for your custom millwork project. High-quality craftsmanship is something that you can notice immediately when you look at the work that is done, but it also ensures that the work will stand the test of time and continue to look its best into the future.

Choosing the Right Company for the Project

Even the greatest plans can fail with lackluster implementation. This especially applies to your renovation or upgrade project. A reputable and respected custom millwork company will be better at meeting deadlines and completing the work within budget. There will also be peace of mind that the work is completed professionally using the latest procedures in the industry without cutting any corners.
The top custom millwork companies servicing Toronto have established histories of completed projects and exceeding the expectations of clients for over 20 years. This includes personalized service and consistently expert craftsmanship on every project that is undertaken. Discover the benefits that these companies can bring to your project involving custom millwork in Toronto today.

Restaurant Millwork Toronto

Restaurant Millwork Toronto
Restaurant Millwork Toronto

Looking to renovate my family restaurant so that it has a newer more modern look.


What kind of materials and renovation options does your millwork company offer for a project like restaurant renovation?


Are there minimum requirements?


Do you offer free consultations?  

Thank you. 


By Sadyd Pc (Admin)
 Hi RHamilton,
Thank you for your question to us regarding restaurant millwork and renovations.
It is always key in the restaurant business world to keep things fresh, modern and trendy, so the fact that you have decided to look into millwork and renovation is an excellent choice. 
Today's restaurant modern designs are gaining popularity and we are proud to provide our clients with the newest trends on the market from designs, to materials and finishes at affordable prices.
Here are some examples of the work we have completed in the past:
Restaurant Millwork Toronto
Restaurant Millwork Toronto
Restaurant Millwork Toronto
Yes, we offer free consultations and will be happy to exchange ideas and assist you in choosing a new design; cabinetry, furniture and lighting that fit the environment that you are looking to achieve.
Best of all, drawings may be created to help you visualize the final look of your restaurant after renovation!
I hope this has helped answer your question, and remember, you can contact us at any time should you have any other questions.
Please feel free to visit our Toronto based showroom for an in person look at the materials and products we use.
Thank you.